​​Geoff Thurman

Geoff Thurman's Deeper Shades

The Geoff Thurman Band

This is the scariest <> This heart has ever felt <> Still this is just the start <> Of something new

There is a way to make <> I know I’m strong enough <> And everything in me <> I owe to you

Although I fear I might fail if I risk it <> I’ll never know if I don’t dare to reach <> For one dream
Geoff Thurman's Deeper Shades
Welcome to GeoffThurman dot Net


Two decades ago during my publishing and production tenure with Glen Campbell, I co-wrote a song called "The Rivers Run". In part, the lyric says "I wanna step into significance <> Because man never makes a monument <> To represent a casual critic <> They won't fashion a hardened face to stone". This has been at the very core of my career since I started walking this path in the 70s.

At this time of my life, I should be remembering the days of old. The Geoff Thurman Band proves that our best days are ahead. I have gathered some of the best players and friends in Central California: Steven Lopez (drums), Ric Coon (percussion), Adam Elmore (bass), Michael Ault (brass) and Lianna Stuart (strings) to bring fresh sounds and songs that will help you move, groove and feel.
I invite you to come on in and walk around. You'll find pictures and music. You'll find photos, links to purchase my two projects, "The Unseen Child" & "Deeper Shades", info about upcoming solo or band events and a page dedicated to my other career, Solavei Mobile. You may feel free to find additional info using Google or looking at songs previously recorded by other artists logged at Performance Rights Organizations such as ASCAP orBMI.
What They Say ...

John Allison

Geoff was born to groove ... there is no separation between life and art. He is for real.

Bonnie Keen
GTB - on every side - will encompass risk and vulnerability in authentic creativity ... on bold stun.

Keith Dudley
His voice is pure magic. His writing is prolific for sure

John Corsaro
... simply the best there is.

David Michael Rose
If GTB is performing near you, you owe it to yourself ... to load up the car and hit the venue. Your ears will plead for more.